Shri Madhav Saraswati Swami Maharaj

Shri Madhavrao Tikekar (hence forth we refer him as “appa” ) was born on 13th June 1929 at Kolhapur. His father was a schoolteacher and strict in discipline. Appa had two elder brothers and a younger sister. Since childhood he was brilliant and very sharp student. He read a lot of English literature. Appa graduated as B.Com. and later completed his C.A.( Chartered Accountant). Initially Appa had regular appointment in Hindustan Ferrodo. Later he started his own consultation practice as tax consultant to various industries including Government Of India audits. He travelled a lot during this period. Shri Krishna Saraswati Swami had initiated many followers in spiritual path of which our Master - Guruvarya Appa got a directive from Swami in 1971 AD, to give spiritual initiation to deserving persons and as such Guruvarya Appa has spiritually initiated more than couple of thousand people and still counting even after his demisal.